many of you know me as 'Fish'. My actual name is Stephan Dimech and my interest in music goes back at the time when I was 11 years of age and 2 years after i chose my lifetime instrument - the drums.

At the age of 15, I was part of a band called F.D.A.A and friendship with local musicians started off. Experimenting in various tyes of rock music, I took the position behing the drums for B.N.I. (batteries not included) The first local punk blended with the maltese language was released. During that time I was playing live percussions for local DJ's in the dance music industry, which in my opinion, was a major hit. I always had in mind of forming a band to perform live dance music shows but it was not an easy task. Anton was recommended by my friend Bahri (a pioneer in the punk scene) and the project 'Fish and Tea' was born, launching the albun Dishwashers as well as the formation of an innovative project featuring nine drummers under the name 'Fish and the tribal troop' was under way. The launch of this original lineup was rewarded by an enormous feedback. Two tracks featuring Marvic Louis and Claire Tonna are available on the album 'dishwashers'
After a long decision, I terminated many personal projects as well as quitting B.N.I. and experimenting on my own on drums and percussions. Working as a atreet artist in the capital Valletta, I came to know a person who decided to meet and do a jamming session. The 'lost ravens' were formed and at that time I met a producer who was responsible for many great bands expecially in the English scene. Mendala Malta was also formed and this producer, David Goodman had recorded the lost ravens who disbanded soon after. Mendala Malta, was in full force, experimenting with ethnic instruments and performing in various venues, one of them being Glastonbury in England. We released the 'Music from a Lighthouse' and the UK magazine High-Fi rated this release 4star. David was essencial in my decision to return solo again after the splitting of Mendala, and gave me his full support together with his wife Katie. This friendship saw the birth of a new band and David gave it the name Earth.

After the 2006 Festahwid Festival, Fish decided to talk with the band members of Kontroll (Punk band with the same members of Earth) to decided that the band project had to end due to the fact that Fish was very busy with his solo projects and also continue the other project of the 2nd Mandala album started with Dave, Katie and Monique. After the completion of this second album; Fish, Katie and a 3rd new musician will reform the band of Mandala so that the band can for another time start playing live gigs after the death of the great musician and personal friend David Goodman. But as many know David is still present with us both with his presence and the so many material he left us to work upon.

David Goodman is featured:
in the [Special Features] section of the great punk DVD - Punk Attitude
his personal documentary DVD Chaos! - Ex Pistols' Secret History
and the book about the british punk history Pretty Vacant

Fish is currently working on some of his personal solo demos